We are

Tech Savvy

Media Savvy

Challenging the Mainstream

Redefining Talent

For Diversity

For Sustainability

Closing the Gap

We use technology and campaigns to bring out the best from different age groups, occupation, interests, gender identity, where people live and where they traveled from.

We invite brands that seek to engage a customer base who are not always portrayed properly by traditional agencies and the mainstream media

We work with brands to abolish stereotypes, embrace social change and project their authentic side.

We help brands who wish to challenge the norm and redefine what is real and who is genuine.

Our Influential Network

The Gap Agency

With 17 years experience in communications strategy, public relations, digital marketing, crisis management and influencer marketing, our team is empowered towards corporate social responsibility, and contributing to those less recognised in the mainsteam media.

PR Galleria

With a network of over 4000+ invite only influencers, media and VIPs from 12 countries throughout Asia Pacific,  PR Galleria is a technology platform where brands offers products to our network and to share the experience all at the press of a button.

Pro Galleria

Pro Galleria presents 100+ marketing proposals for brands. We invite only the best content creators, brand ambassadors and event organisers who deliver results for clients like Samsung, Sony, Brother, Seagate, Audi, Adidas, Telstrea, Ikea to name a few.