We are passionate about how technology shapes our society


About Us

As an agency, we are passionate how technology shapes our society. We recognise that the creative industries and big data brings brands closer to their customers.  In this digital transformation age, we help clients engage key sectors: the general public, government, energy, mining, education, media and entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications to surveillance.

The Gap Agency is a full integration agency with 18 years experience in public relations, media relations, crisis management, content marketing, website development, and events management. We specialise in technology driven brands who work in resource intensive fields of big data, content creation, video games including the media and entertainment industries. Today our best practice scales to 12 countries including ANZ, ASEAN, India, Korea and Japan.

Few agencies have our expertise and client portfolio. Over the past 15 years we have worked with the world’s top technology companies including brands like AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Western Digital, SanDisk Professional, Seagate, Lacie, Fujitsu, Synology, Sharp and Philips. We have helped these brands grow their markets from the consumer space through to the enterprise segments.

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