Media, Entertainment and Video Games

Marketing and public relations campaigns that are entertaining, creative & engaging.

Immersive Content.
Higher Resolutions.
Faster Frame Rates.

In the post pandemic world, media, entertainment and video games will continue to grow exponentially.

The rate at which movies, games and music are consumed  is colossal. With the advent of movie and music streaming, fast paced social media content and leaps in immersive video games, this space is becoming more and more competitive and demanding. To keep up, the technology needed to create great content and amazing visuals is just as phenomenal.

Technological advances in graphics, processor, storage , hardware efficiency and big data means production studios for movies and video games continue to push the limits in resolutions, frame rates and creative content distribution to more audiences.

Established in 2003, few agencies hold such a diverse portfolio of technology clients that cater for the media, entertainment and video games industry. We work with the Top 100 technology brands to expand their growth locally. Our reach and network spans over 12 countries in the Asia Pacific.

With have a proven track record in product launches, engaging with the local creative industry ambassadors, influencers through to being part of the video game, e-sport and hardware industry.




Public Relations 

Media Relations

Through our genuine approach and technical expertise, we grow and manage relations between media and clients.

Public Relations

Beyond the traditional media, we extend the messaging to key customers, trade partners and industry allainces.

Thought Leadership

Going beyond the product or service, we integrate thought leadership messaging to remain relevant in a competitive environment.

Influential Networks

Influencer Networks

With over 4000 influencers throught our platform PR Galleria, we help brands identify and engage with the right influencers.

Event Management

We create memorable events and experiences by combining technology, music, great food, talent, music and exciting venues.

Social Media Amplification

Tap into our influencer and content creator network to inject authenticity in your social media pages.

Corporate Communications

Communications Strategy

Develop modern messaging that is engaging, consistent and relevant to today’s audiences. Messaging that cuts through noise.

Content Creation

We create effective marketing content for newsletters, blogs, LinkedIn campaigns, videos, thought leadership content and more.

Crisis Management

We navigate you through the toughest situations and respond to crisis in the media strategically and tactically.