We understand the importance social media plays in public relations and use it as a medium to present our clients to the public in a positive light. Our social media team can analyse the social media landscape and find audiences that wish to engage our clients.  The team then creates well-rounded and effective social campaigns that communicate to those audiences while furthering client goals via effective messaging.

While some companies like to employ marketing firms for their social media management, we believe that our experience in public relations and communications best suits the role as social media managers. We know our client brands and therefore understand how to present them to the public in a positive way while avoiding any potential social pitfalls.

Social media is about engaging customers, telling our clients’ story and getting direct feedback on how clients can improve. It is an evolving conversation with a community that join the page because they like the client but stay because they like the content, people and service. An active, engaged fanbase also gives us the chance to integrate influencer networks into social messaging with activities that collaborate with the fans and engage in a way that presents a friendly face for our clients.