Move Beyond Your Marketing Bubble

Why your inner circle can limit marketing campaigns.

For many brands, and even more so for agencies that work with brands, it can be easy to fall into the comfort zone of existing faces, colleagues and friends.

When we first start out in our MarComms careers, we are eager to make new contacts, so we reach out far and wide to grow our network. But there comes a time, when an agency and even the people in that agency, becomes established, and in doing that we form habits and settle into our comfort zone. It is at this point, where as a PR/Marketing team or agency, we are likely to keep reaching out to the same numbers in our contacts list, when scoping out exposure opportunities. It’s an easy shortcut and a failsafe.

To stay relevant, and to keep exploring new avenues for marketing your clients or your brands, it is important to explore ways to open up and look past the bubble of your existing marketing process and inner cirle.

So start taking inventory, and consider the following:

Agency Limitations
Agencies tend to work only within their established circle of media and to a certain extent influencers. Find ways to break out of the circle, and connect with new, more diverse and relevant people. Clients will ultimately benefit from breaking through this limitations.

Depth vs Breadth
Recycling the same people on your contacts list, results in your brand or clients being offered the same pool of media and influencers for campaigns. This is great for depth and consistency but limits reach and exposure to a wider audience.

Media vs Influencers vs Ambassadors
While journalists tend to be a stable pool of personnel for PR, influencers are more dynamic. Therefore it is important to maintain flexibility and stay on top of trending influencers, well known ambassadors as well as your media contacts.

This way, you can keep the depth of your existing networks, but look at ways to expand the breadth of your campaigns with new and fresh faces and channels.

Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds. Brands will appreciate this too.