With the focus on putting the economy and business confidence back on track, the Gap Agency have created a specialist team to help clients in their COVID-19 recovery programs. 

The Federal Budget 2020 aims to stimulate our economy, protect businesses and get consumers spending again. It is well recognized that marketing and public relations are vital tools in raising brand awareness, spreading positive messages and turning strategy into reality. 

We Get Things DONE

By creating a multi-faceted approach to campaigns, we make activations happen in an impactful way. We combine our network of media, influencers, event organisers and talent from events, music, esports, technology, cars, food and beauty industries. Check our best campaigns here.


With our extensive experience in technology, hospitality, retail, entertainment and events, the team will work with corporate and government clients for:

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Media Campaigns
  • Retail Precinct Activations
  • Public Space Activations
  • Corporate Launches
  • Social Responsibility Campaigns

Our VALUES Set Us Apart

Technology and Campaigns

We use technology and campaigns to bring out the best from different age groups, occupations, interests, gender identities, including where people live and where they have traveled from.


We work with brands to abolish stereotypes, embrace social change and project their authenticity.


We value diversity and inclusion when working with talent. We strive to recognise proven talent, who are often overlooked by mainstream agencies, and bring them to the forefront.

Our Influential NETWORK

The Gap Agency

With 17 years experience in communications strategy, public relations, digital marketing, crisis management and influencer marketing, our team is empowered towards corporate social responsibility, and contributing to those less recognised in the mainsteam media.

PR Galleria

With a network of over 4000+ invite only influencers, media and VIPs from 12 countries throughout Asia Pacific, PR Galleria is a technology platform that allows brands to offer products & experiences to our network at the press of a button, in exchange for unpaid exposure.

Pro Galleria

Pro Galleria presents 100+ marketing proposals for brands. We invite only the best content creators, brand ambassadors and event organisers who deliver results for clients like Samsung, Sony, Brother, Seagate, Audi, Adidas, Telstrea, Ikea to name a few.

If you would like us to assist in your next campaign, contact us.