Connecting brands with influential networks and people

About The Gap Agency

The Gap Agency seeks out to build relationships with influential networks and people and engage them on behalf of our clients. Going beyond the traditional public relations approach, we aim to be the agency representing extensive networks comprising of journalists, influencers, social media identities, media networks, content creators and large-scale associations. We engage them through product launches, creative campaigns, thought leadership, and content marketing.


Our PR Galleria Platform

Established in 2003, we are proud to have a long track record working with global brands. Equipped with this experience, we have developed the successful platform known as PR Galleria. This technology platform is an extension of our agency reaching over 12 countries with over 2000 curated media and influencers as members. We have effectively modernized traditional methods when engaging with media and influencers. We take pride in considering ourselves as a technology driven agency, constantly developing new ways to improve our workflows. We punch above our weight.


Beyond the traditional

Today, we are taking our clients beyond what they would expect from a traditional agency. This is one of the many reasons why we have very loyal clients. We always innovate and present with solid campaigns that do not fizz. We lead our clients, not only through their ups and downs, we become part of their change strategy.