Creating a Movement with Wine Machine


Wine Machine is Australia’s sought-after wine and music event. An exhibit of the scenic wine regions and awesome music artists from all over the country. This music festival held nationwide is made for drinking, eating and dancing. PR Galleria is managing the influencer program across SA, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS and WA.

Our Role

PR Galleria gives access to a wide selection of media, talents and influencers when it comes to offering sample products, experiences, and events. This allows increased brand engagement, sales, and awareness. PR Galleria handled the influencer program for the 2020 and 2021 Wine Machine. It contains influencer scaling, offer movements, and media monitoring in pre-production up to post-production. 

Wine Machine
Wine Machine

Wine Machine wanted to reach a wide variety of audience through effective influencers in order to achieve their goal — building engagements and relationships towards their large prospects. Wine Machine has its specific results and outcomes needed on what content to post online. It might be hard to cope with, but it is a strong technique in order to display their event identity. 

How could we deliver Wine Machine’s message to influencers to build hype for the festivals? We created a movement!


Wine machine wanted to be introduced to a new audience as well. We targeted the influencers on Instagram and on the newest platform, which is TikTok as we relate to the millennial mindset and culture. We also try to identify larger opportunities for brand engagements. It became the key to successful promotion.


We Created a Movement

To be able to reach a larger scope, thorough research and targeting were observed throughout the process. The team practiced well-mannered communication with the influencers.

PR Galleria made sure to communicate directly with the influencers by sending them newsletters and messaging them if ever they were interested to attend the event. We also gave them proper briefing about the event and PR Galleria as well. Then, the influencers were given their freedom to post anything they wanted after the briefing and event proper.  This way we can see what is truly on their mind. 

We created a promotion movement before, during and after the event with the hashtags #winemachine and #bestchardyever. All created to deliver the event’s message from coast to coast. Wine Machine provided festival-goers a lasting experience with pre lunch/drink cards and tickets to the event. It is the process of recruiting influencers and VIPs to attend for brand content and to reach for a sold out event. 

Wine Machine and influencers’ delicate journey on social media spread the hype even further.

Social Media Engagement
Wine Machine
Wine Machine
Wine Machine
Wine Machine

Influencers who went to the festival obviously loved posting content on their socials before, during and after the event. It was one of a kind roller coaster ride. Seeing their genuine influencers meeting new mates in every festival was among its highlights. Without doubt, we got our influencers actually experiencing what it means to be in a Wine Machine festival. They were all dancing to the music, jiving with the vibe while enjoying the best wines, and appreciating the outdoors. Astounding people filled the amazing view. We cannot wish for more!

As a result, our Wine Machine event promotion exceeded all expectations, proving to be a successful event up to date. It was welcomed by the audience warmly. Indeed, the promotion also helped Wine Machine expand its presence with valued content and festival experience. 


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Wine Machine 2021 is around the corner, a series of festivals in different areas are bound to happen soon. Also, PR Galleria is continuing its role in helping Wine Machine be promoted abundantly. 

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