A League of Extraordinary Gamers


League of Extraordinary Gamers (LEGs) is the sponsorship management arm of The Gap Agency. LEGs represents large and influential gaming networks including gaming communities, tournament organisers, content creators and esports teams.

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LEGs share a belief that gamers are extraordinary, creative and geniuses. Our mission is to promote a friendly yet competitive, non toxic environment for gamers regardless of age, gender or race. We nurture gamers who wish to elevate, showcase or share their gaming skills to like minded gamers.


Partnerships with Australia’s largest gaming and e-sports networks.

Gaming is the largest entertainment industry in the world, even eclipsing the film industry. e-Sport is one of the largest growing spectator events in the world with audiences expected to reach 303 million by 2019. To give clients access to this important gaming demographic, The Gap Agency has further expanded its network offerings partnering with CyberGamer – Australia’s largest gaming community.

This partnership presents opportunities that can reach:

Over 364,000 online users spanning PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The CyberGamer e-sports network specifically runs regular daily and weekly gaming tournaments as well as minor tournaments and large scale quarterly Cybergamer Premier League (CGPL) with a broadcast reach of 600,000 video views.

CGPL campaign has given clients a new way to reach this important demographic which includes regular newsletters, content marketing, video content and social media integration campaigns. Whether the client is gaming related or not, this network represents a key youth market that has been proven to drive awareness and interest in new technologies and innovations.

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Sponsor our Extraordinary Gamers

With the video game market overtaking the movie and music industry, we run highly coordinated sponsorhip campaigns through our influential networks to access this lucrative segment. We offer sponsors the opportunity to be part of a gamers journey from discovery, learning and advancing their skill level from casual gaming towards paths into competitive esports. Our Australia wide network of gamers play on various platforms from Nintendo, Xbox, PS4 through to PC.


Partnerships with Australia’s best hardware modifiers

Gamers take great pride in their gaming hardware. From PC, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, gamers easily identify with the platforms they own.

We work with key influential people in the “modder scene” including OZ Modz. They build some of the best custom modified hardware for a multitude of clients in Australia and internationally. They combine the best parts of technology and gaming concepts, modifying them into pieces of artwork with the goal to inspire their interest in technology from the general public.

They are passionate about the the art of custom system building and tailor their builds and parts to your specific needs and marketing focus. More so OZ Modz generates a lot of publicity online and in events.

OZ Modz Rocket League Build:
1,060,510 Video Views in the Media
509,741 Facebook Reach
272,300 Instagram Reach

Our Core Values

We value equality among gamers as we understand that some may just be starting out in the gaming scene. We are against bullying online, in forums, and social media. We encourage our influential networks to discourage toxic behaviour of any kind. At our events and tournaments, we welcome people from all ages, specially younger gamers wanting to learn from their older counterparts. Game coaching and mentoring is a major part of our campaigns.


Partnerships with Australia’s largest gaming festivals

Part of the LEGs program is we give sponsors access gaming events and festivals throughout Australia. We work with Australia’s largest state based event organisers attracting gamers from all walks of life. These include eLeague.gg in Sydney.

LEG’s represent’s eLeague.gg because of their core values:

“Community First
Everything we do is geared towards the community. From the casual gamers, to the hardcore and professional Gamers who live and breathe eSports and Gaming.

Play fair, Play Nice
Respecting our players, and maintaining the highest level of integrity in all interactions with our players, colleagues and business partners is critical to us.

Everyone has a Story
Every Gamer has that proud moment where something awesome happened at an event, or in a game, or when their team achieved something epic. We’re here to help Gamers celebrate and find those next awesome moments in their Gaming adventures.

Every Voice Matters
Great ideas can come from anywhere. Everyone on the eLeague.gg team is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectul of others and their opinions, and embrace criticism as another avenue for great ideas.”