A Seagate Case Study 14TB IronWolf Pro Finland Uncovered

Founded by Creative Directors Adam Dionsio and Benjamin Baggay, Redscope Films is boutique creative content production studio based in Sydney, Australia. Since its inception in 2014 the team has created campaigns and video content for a wide range of clients including Hype DC, Adidas, Sony Australia, DJI, No More Ugly, 9 degrees Gym and more. They focus on creating content that tells a story in emotive language delivered using Photography, filmmaking and animation.

For Redscope Films, using the Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB drives completely changed their production environment. The reliability, warranty and recovery also added an extra layer of protection for their work with increased productivity thanks to the speed of the drives and robust feature set. By switching to a NAS based system, it increased productivity with unlimited creativity.