Seagate at Adobe Make IT Mixed Reality Demo

The Gap Agency was proud to bring Seagate’s IronWolf Pro to life at Adobe Make It 2017 using Mixed Reality. Presenting to over 2,000 of Sydney’s top creative directors, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, digital producers, industry leaders and innovative thinkers, the Seagate demonstration area about Mixed Reality recording was a stand out.

In addition to the line-up of international industry pioneers, creative workshops and lab sessions, Seagate brought a loud buzz to the community pavilion, showcasing the IronWolf drives in its’ best light. The Google Tilt Brush was used in Mixed Reality form to bring forth to the Creative Pros a hugely exciting and interactive experience, all powered by the IronWolf Pro drives.

Interchanging between solo IronWolf themed artworks and running demos for the crowd during the two-day event, Seagate’s professional VR artist, Sean Rodrigo, guided attendees to create their very own masterpiece. The most creative IronWolf drawing won their artist a LaCie Rugged Drive!