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About eLeague.gg

eLeague.gg aims to provide a clear path of progression for gamers looking to get into eSports; or to find that next awesome game which’ll be their big adventure. From the open, social events and festivals, to amateur, semi-pro and pro level tournaments, we want gamers to be able to find a game they love, and if they choose to – start a career in eSports with that game!

eLeague’s Core Values:

Play fair, Play Nice

We aren’t anything without our passionate Gamers and supporters. First impressions may be important, but lasting impressions are everything. Respecting our players, and maintaining the highest level of integrity in all interactions with our players, colleagues and business partners is critical to us.We make sure everyone has a fair turn, and there’s no discrimination of any kind, regardless of a Gamer’s background. On the digital battlefield, all is fair.

Everyone has a Story

Every gamer is the main character of their own story in their Gaming careers. The tools, products and events we develop are all to enhance the way our Gamers can record their journey through their games, with their friends, and in their eSports careers.

Every gamer has that proud moment where something awesome happened at an event, or in a game, or when their team achieved something epic. We’re here to help gamers celebrate and find those next awesome moments in their Gaming adventures.