Influential Networks

We define influential networks to include:

  • Journalists
  • Social Media Identities
  • Influential Decision Makers
  • Associations
  • Industry and Trade groups

With partnerships in the media, corporate, lifestyle, gaming, technology, photography, film, travel, education and key verticals, we are the go-to agency to bring brands closer to these networks and their audiences.

We offer clients a customised approach to working with the right influential networks with the right audience. Whether a brand wishes to engage with 10 influential networks or 1000 influencers, we can connect you.

In time, a client’s influential networks will grow and evolve giving them unprecedented reach.

With the help of our PR Galleria platform, we have influential networks throughout Asia Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Media Relations

We have a proven track record in bringing companies closer to the media and putting clients in the news. Our goal is to continuously cultivate a relationship with the public via the media to benefit our clients and deliver on campaign objectives.

To date, our clients have enjoyed thousands of articles, exposures, reviews, awards and recommendations from major websites, lifestyle titles, consumer publications, newspapers, TV, telecommunications, business, and consumer media.

Gap works closely with clients by:

  • Pitching for the latest news content, views and announcements.
  • Supplying product samples for evaluation and review.
  • Communicating a client’s opinion and perspective.
  • Enhancing recognition for the client as an industry authority.

Our work ethic when dealing with the media:

  • Treat the media like our clients and provide a prompt service.
  • Act with integrity credible, useful representatives of our clients.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to research and form a story.
  • Ensure media requests are promptly fulfilled by us and our clients.
  • Work sincerely and honestly, for clients and our media friends

PR Galleria Platform

The Gap Agency has been providing samples and experiences to media and influencers since 2003. To modernise its sampling programs, the agency developed PR Galleria, a platform where influential people try products and share experiences. Designed exclusively for media and influencers, it is the first of its kind to enable our clients seamlessly sample it’s products and services available for review and offered to media and influencers.

With the PR Galleria platform, the time and effort for the agency to engage the media and influencers is dramatically reduced. This allows the Gap Agency to scale it operations much faster and enable us build better relationships between brands and influential people.PR Galleria is now available in 11 countries and boasts a growing list of vetted and accredited media and influencer contacts, PR Galleria is a powerful tool that helps The Gap Agency become a leader in its field.

Social Media Marketing

We understand the importance social media plays in public relations and use it as a medium to present our clients to the public in a positive light. Our social media team can analyse the social media landscape and find audiences that wish to engage our clients.  The team then creates well-rounded and effective social campaigns that communicate to those audiences while furthering client goals via effective messaging.

While some companies like to employ marketing firms for their social media management, we believe that our experience in public relations and communications best suits the role as social media managers. We know our client brands and therefore understand how to present them to the public in a positive way while avoiding any potential social pitfalls.

Social media is about engaging customers, telling our clients’ story and getting direct feedback on how clients can improve. It is an evolving conversation with a community that join the page because they like the client but stay because they like the content, people and service. An active, engaged fanbase also gives us the chance to integrate influencer networks into social messaging with activities that collaborate with the fans and engage in a way that presents a friendly face for our clients.