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Has the channel been a bit boring? These two gentlemen can fix that. As the IT Channel prepares for more events and campaigns, Renato Catalan and Tona Inthavong who built their careers in channel marketing, hospitality, events and PR have joined forces to bring some spice back into the IT channel.

With over 100 events spanning over 15 years in the industry, they know how to create amazing events for tech brands and distributors.

From gruelling roadshows, expos, reseller events, influencer and press launches, training seminars and product launches, Renato and Tona have successfully executed more campaigns than any company in the industry.

Let your next event be as memorable for your customers and let these two experienced marketing pros inject some fun and excitement back into the channel.

Check out the gallery below on how this duo made the channel fun. See if you might recognise some familiar faces!

Senior Consultant, Hospitality, Entertainment and Events

Tona started in the IT Channel way back in 2000 as Sales Executive for Achieva Technology and became the Marketing Executive for Altech thereafter. With these experiences, Tona understands what it takes to be successful in the industry. He worked with major brands like WD, ASUS, Corsair, SteelSeries, Mircosoft, AMD, Nvidia, and more. He was instrumental in bringing the fun back into IT events. To further his career, he has made a significant mark in the hospitality industry and currently operates highly successful restaurants achieving a lot of awards. Awards include Good Food Guide – Best New Restaurant Under $30, GQ Magazine Top 10 Thai Restaurant 2017, Foxtel I Love FOOD Awards 2014, Best Thai Restaurant, and Local Council Business Award since 2016 up until 2020 excluding the year 2018. Bringing back Tona into the IT industry with his hospitality background can only benefit the channel.

Publicist and Senior Account Manager

Renato Catalan has 20 years of experience in IT channel and tech PR and marketing. He started his career way back in 1999 as the Marketing Executive for IT distributor Achieva Technology. During his time in distribution, he executed numerous channel promotions to support the sales team. In 2003, he established his own agency with founding client Western Digital and has been instrumental in championing their channel marketing, reseller events, and product launches. Along the way, he has worked with clients like ASUS, Fujitsu, Acer, AMD, Brother, AOC, Kingston, Cooler Master, Denon, Synology, and QNAP to name a few. He has won several Australian industry awards including Finalist for Best Media Relations, Optus IT Journalism Award from 2009 to 2013, Highly Commended for Best Media Relations, and Microsoft IT Journalism Award in 2011 and 2012.



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Indulge in Memorable Experiences.


Connect with your community, grow your brand exposure, and prepare to come out of the pandemic with a strong game plan for recovery! Our team are not only experts at creating the right event for your organisation; we are experts at creating an experience that you and your guests will remember. We bring cohesion across industries, to inspire individuals, and allow them to indulge in something that is more than canapes and cocktails. We create memories that are spoken about long after the date has passed. We do this by integrating tech, gaming, cars, music, incredible food, and amazing style and design into an exceptional experience. No matter the industry, we create an unforgettable experience.
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Your Guest List.

We open your doors to anyone from media, VIPs, and influencers, trade resellers, prospective business partners, and more. As we refresh relationships and seek out new and unexpected business opportunities, it is important to make a mark and leave the best impression. We curate our experiences based on your guests and needs, giving you the best chance of fostering long-term relationships that will get your company gearing up. We have an extensive network across industries, and work with some of the most influential figures in the Australian landscape.

Relevant Media

Resellers and Channel

Bloggers and online reviewers

Instagram Lifestyle Influencers

Gamers and Twitch Streamers

Celebrities and VIPs

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Team Up With Real Talent.

The difference between a good event and an outstanding experience, is the cohesion of elements to stimulate the senses and engage the individual. It’s the way the space captures your attention, the tastes and smells tantalise the taste buds, the lights and sounds create a fantasia, but also the way that bonding happens over a shared activity or interest. To create this, you need to work with the most talented people in the industry, and our team is lucky enough to have some of the best in the biz on call. Using eclectic spaces designed by experiential artists like Anna Wang, working with talented performers like Justice Crew, teaming up with AV/FX teams like Sound Agents, and more, we can bring together different worlds to create the perfect event for your brand.

Live Music Artists / DJ

Dancers and Entertainment

AV & Lighting FX

Photography and VideoGraphy

Bespoke Food and Drinks Catering

Unique Event Design and Styling

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Event Management Fees

Wine Machine

Glass Island

Denon Marantz

Sydney Sky Garden



The Small Party (up to 50 pax) - Starting from $12K

Finally able to crank it up a notch! Hire out an entire restaurant, bar or club and provide activities that will get everyone up and involved. We are talking funky private venues, great entertainment, and some top notch food, drinks, and surprise guests. A small party can still make for a great experience!

Example: Does your team need a serious break? Or maybe you want to rekindle relations between your team and that of another company? Take them out for a fun bonding experience, which sees them engaging in some incredible activities, in a space that is selected to suit the exact mood and style of your brand. Fun and edgy, classy and sophisticated, we will pair up with designers and food connoisseurs for something truly unique and special. 

Intimate Soiree (up to 10 pax) - Starting from $5K

Just because it’s small it doesn’t mean it’s not memorable. Whether you are entertaining prospective business partners, launching a niche product to the media, rewarding resellers for doing a great job, or simply spoiling your team, these events are definitely the way to do it.

Example: Whisk away your top resellers to the Hunter Valley in a wine and car adventure. Drive luxury cars up to the region, where your guests will be entertained by some of the best venues, as they enjoy the delights of top quality wine, cheese, fresh produce. 

The Group Gathering  (up to 30 pax) - Starting from $8K

As restrictions begin to ease, and your company looks to start gearing up for some memorable marketing initiatives, our group gatherings are a good place to start. This is the perfect opportunity to begin to build your brand profile up again, with selected groups. 

Example: Launching a new product?! We will arrange the perfect experience for carefully selected media and VIPs. From delivered media invitations and gifts, through to transport, accommodation, and an insanely special event at a cool venue, your event will be the buzz of the town. 

The Larger Crowd (up to 100 pax) - Starting from $15K

These are the experiences that people will be talking about for weeks (maybe even years) after. Once we officially emerge from the pandemic slumber, and can really get a crowd together, these are the events that will remind people of your brand and its place in the business. 

Example: Imagine your guests cruising along the harbour, in one of Sydney’s most exclusive mirrored yachts, Glass Island. The sun is shining, drinks are pouring, and your corporate guests are enjoying a day away from the desk to enjoy the best views, with incredible catering brought out by the classiest waiters, and music to match by some of Sydney’s best DJs. Give your brand some real sparkle.  

The Giant Get-Together (up to 200 pax) - Starting from $20K (co-sponsorship is also available)

These are the big community events we have been waiting for. Corporate guests can mingle with people from all walks of life - whether they are from other industries, work in politics, in the media, whether they run community initiatives, or are simply part of a larger community base, these events are about getting your brand known as socially aware and responsible. 

Example: Major interactive gaming brands, can team up with tech brands, beverage brands, sneaker brands, and everything else in between, to bring a dance competition to the community. Getting schools from all around the region involved, this event fosters team spirit and lighthearted fun. 

The Ultimate Rager (200+ pax) - Starting from $30K

We need say no more, the name says it all. Once those restrictions are gone, we can bring back trade shows, expos, and more. Make sure your brand doesn’t miss out on that initial burst of energy and excitement, as we open up doors to major events and experiences once more. Whether your brand is solely responsible for commissioning a masterpiece, or wants to get involved as a sponsor in a wider pool of brands that come together, the choice is there for the taking.

Example: Be involved in a huge expo, with brands from different industries coming together to celebrate growth, progression, and new experiences. 

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Explore New Worlds.

Speaking of worlds, we like our events to be different, and we do that by bypassing ‘mainstream’ get-togethers, to incorporate urban culture and community initiatives with larger corporate agendas. We bring together adjoining worlds (like computer tech and luxury cars, or dance schools and interactive gaming) and we’d love for you to see just how we do it, by checking out some of our event ideas.

Technology & Games

Gaming & eSports


Food & Beverage

Restaurants & Bars

Beauty & Fashion

Community Engagement

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