We define influential networks to include

Social Media Identities
Influential People
Industry groups and
eputable Organisations

With partnerships in the media, corporate, lifestyle, gaming, technology, photography, film, travel, education and key verticals, we are the go-to agency to bring brands closer to these networks and their audiences.

We offer clients a customised approach to working with the right influential networks with the right audience. Whether a brand wishes to engage with 10 influential networks or 100 influencers, we can connect you.

Further we have the ability engage and interact with thousands influencers once through our purpose-built platform PR Galleria. It is a platform that provides the tools to quickly and efficiently communicate a product or brand to target influencers in our database.

In time, a client’s influential networks will grow and evolve giving them unprecedented reach.

We have influential networks throughout Asia Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.