The Gap Agency seeks out to build relationships with influential networks and people and engage them on behalf of our clients. Going beyond the traditional public relations approach we aim to be the agency representing extensive networks comprising of journalists, influencers, social media identities, publishers and large-scale communities. We engage through product launches, creative campaigns and digital marketing which integrate public relations, social media with our influential networks. Our networks have a combined reach of over 15 million audiences Australia wide.

Our mission is “Connecting brands with influential networks and people”

Previously known as Gap Marketing and Management established in 2003, we are proud to have a long track record on-par, if not better, than larger agencies. By deliberately having a smaller, highly-focused, core group of staff we are able to constantly nurture our influential networks with a more personal level of service. This also makes us agile enough to react and adapt to changes that affect our clients in the digital world. As a digital agency, we also seek new ways and technologies that help us develop and improve internal processes and workflows so that we can punch above our weight.

This is one of the many reasons why have very loyal clients. It is rare, in the agency world, to have a client for an extended period but within our client portfolio we have numerous companies that have stayed with us for the long haul. This is because we passionately care about their brands and get them through their ups and downs by putting their best interests in mind with consistent levels of quality and professionalism.

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